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  Address: 15-23F,Guotai Mansion,
Yangshe Town ,zhangjiagang
Zip: 215600
Tel: 86-512-58696003,58696083
Fax: 86-512-58687139
   Research and Development  
    Our R&D is undertaken by the Technology Research Department, which consists of the Sample Exhibition Center (SEC), the CAD-Technology Center (CADTC) and the Sample-Working Center (SWC).

  The SEC displays thousands of samples covering most of our product range. The CADTC is responsible for plate/pattern making, designing product styles, calculating predicted consumption, and graphic processing and photo production. The SWC mainly deals with sample design and production, in addition to being responsible for calculating sales forecasts.

   Equipment and Facilities  
  Name:PGM CAD System
Description:Used for pattern making, grading, digitizing, marking etc. This system is also used to fill clients’ customized design requirements.
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